Netflix watch instantly recommendations

I know a lot of people are on winter break and if you have Netflix and ever get bored, why not check out one of these movies? All of these movies I generally liked/loved, I hope you also enjoy them! Some of these may be obvious, but you never know, some people haven’t seen that many movies.

- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- Before Sunrise
- Before Sunset
- In the Loop
- The Iron Giant
- Memento
- The Graduate
- Good Will Hunting
- Brief Encounter 
- In the Mood for Love 

Recent Films (2008-2011):
- True Grit
- Insidious
- The Fighter
- Shutter Island
- Tangled
- Star Trek
- Kick-Ass
- Let the Right One In
- Two Lovers
- Exit Through the Gift Shop
- Brooklyn’s Finest 
- Winter’s Bone
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) 
- Hot Tub Time Machine
- Bronson  

Bat shit insane and/or mind fucks (you may or may not like these, they’re pretty crazy movies):
- The Machinist
- Dogtooth
- Enter the Void
- Following (Christopher Nolan’s first film)
- Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
- Swimming Pool

AMAZING movies, but guaranteed to ruin your day and destroy your soul:
- 21 Grams (the destruction of three lives that intersect)
- Dear Zachary (do not read anything about this story! Almost guaranteed to be the saddest documentary you will EVER see in your life)
- Paradise Now (fantastic film about the lives of two brothers who become suicide bombers)
- World’s Greatest Dad (don’t read the synopsis! Works better if you don’t know, and yes this is a satire)
- Thirst (pretty twisted film about vampires. If you can get your hands on a copy of this director’s previous film, Oldboy, DO IT. THAT movie will DESTROY YOU, it used to be on Netflix watch instant but they took it off =[)

Feel good movies:
- On a Clear Day
- Billy Elliott
- Everything is Illuminated
- Whale Rider
- A Little Princess
- Big

Indie movies:
- 2 Days in Paris
- Y Tu Mama Tambien (from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director, the genius Alfonso Cuaron. WARNING: A LOT of sex in this movie lol. Kind of hilarious he did Harry Potter after this hahaha)
- Half Nelson (Ryan Gosling plays a drug addicted inner city school teacher, it was also Ryan Gosling’s first Best Actor Oscar nomination, did I mention Ryan Gosling is in this? RYAN GOSLING Haha)
- Brick (modern noir film set in a high school, featuring a pre-famous Joseph Gordon-Levitt!)
- Clerks
- The Motorcycle Diaries
- The Safety of Objects
- Lymelife
- Little Voice
- The Exploding Girl 

Great films:
- Super Cop
- Rumble in the Bronx
- The Thin Red Line
- Letters From Iwo Jima 
- Panic Room 
- About Schmidt 
- The Big Lebowski
- Edward Scissorhands
- Punch-Drunk Love
- Reservoir Dogs
- Jackie Brown
- Raging Bull
- Chasing Amy
- Hellboy
- Time Bandits
- The Game
- Serenity (watch the TV show Firefly first! This is the movie sequel to that amazing show)
- Trick ‘r Treat
- Philadelphia
- Awakenings
- Insomnia
- The Ten
- Ballet Shoes
- Carlito’s Way

TV shows/Anime
- Friday Night Lights (In my top 5 TV dramas of ALL-TIME)
- Firefly (canceled way too soon, but they got a big screen movie sequel, Serenity! Which is also on Netflix!)
- Arrested Development (Probably the best TV comedy series ever made)
- Avatar: The Last Airbender (for the love of God DO NOT watch the M. Night Shyamalan movie!)
- Damages
- Angel Beats! 
- Futurama 

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